Iola's House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Iola's House is located in Cassardis on the main street. The elderly owner Iola has arranged her place as a general goods store.

Iola's own house is to the rear of the shop, accessed by a rear passage. It is marked as a Fisherman's House on the map.

Both her house and shop contain looms for making cloth.

Iola's shop

For details of the numbered stages, see Story Progression Stages, or the overview article 'Quests'.


Curative Price Availability
Greenwarish 70 G Stage 1
Mushroom 50 G Stage 1
Berry 50 G Stage 1
Twigbean 25 G Stage 1
Carrot 75 G Stage 1
Desiccated Herbs 270 G Stage 2
Pickled Mushrooms 800 G Stage 2
Harspud Milk 850 G Stage 1
Harspud Juice 1,750 G Stage 3
Harspud Sauce 2,500 G Stage 4
Absorbent Rag 120 G Stage 1
Clean Cloth 120 G Stage 1
Smother Sap 160 G Stage 1
Spicy Mushroom Tea 160 G Stage 1
Detoxicating Powder 800 G Post-Game
Peppermint Seed 2,400 G Post-Game
Oak Leaf Oil 1,600 G Post-Game
Vigilite 2,400 G Post-Game
Throat Remedy 2,800 G Post-Game
Drop of Deliverance 2,800 G Post-Game
Frozen Holy Water 8,000 G Post-Game
Cockatrice Liquor 5,000 G Post-Game
Font of Vigor 1,500 G Post-Game
Font of Constitution 1,000 G Post-Game
Warlock's Incense 1,500 G Post-Game
Cleric's Incense 1,000 G Post-Game


Tool Price Availability
Airtight Flask[1] 320 G Stage 1
Empty Flask 20 G Stage 1
Flask of Water 90 G Stage 1
Flask of Oil 175 G Stage 1
Kindling 50 G Stage 1
  1. Not available to buy in the PS3/Xbox360 versions of Dark Arisen.


Material Price Availability
Hemp 300 G Stage 1
Wool-Cloth 1,050 G Stage 2


Armor Price Availability
Farewell Hood 2,690 G Stage 2
Minstrel's Band 1,250 G Stage 1 DA content
Cassardi Shift 270 G Stage 1
Fine Cassardi Shirt 800 G Stage 1
Plebian Shirt 300 G Stage 1
Set of Fisherman's Garb 3,400 G New Game Plus & High Affinity
Farewell Gloves 2,480 G Stage 2
Cassardi Trousers 180 G Stage 1
Fine Cassardi Hosen 760 G Stage 1
Cloth Greaves 200 G Stage 1
Cassardi Greaves 330 G Stage 1
Farewell Cloak 3,500 G Stage 2
Shed Cape 2,400 G Stage 1


  • † Unlike the other items (which can be purchased an infinite number of times), Iola only stocks 99 of the Berry, Twigbean and Carrot. (This prevents a money making exploit.)
  • ‡ These items are not available until Stage 2 in the ps3Ps3 x256px and xbox360360 x256px versions of Dragon's Dogma.
  • lola ceased sale of Airtight Flasks in the ps3Ps3 x256px and xbox360360 x256px versions of Dark Arisen.
  • Players sometimes experience a hard time to find Iola; Iola often appears at the street which leads to her house at dawn, she closes her shop at night.