Iola's House is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Iola's House is located in Cassardis on the main street. The elderly owner Iola has arranged her place as a general goods store.

Iola's own house is to the rear of the shop, accessed by a rear passage. It is marked as a Fisherman's House on the map.

Both her house and shop contain looms for making cloth.

Iola's shop

For an overview of the numbered stages, see Quests.
† Stocks limited to 99 (This prevents a money making exploit.)
ps3Ps3 x256px, xbox360360 x256px In Dragon's Dogma these items are not available until Stage 2.
§ ps3Ps3 x256px, xbox360360 x256px In Dark Arisen Iola ceased to sell Airtight Flasks.
Type Item Price Availability
Curatives Greenwarish 70 G Stage 1
Mushroom 50 G Stage 1
Berry 50 G Stage 1
Twigbean 25 G Stage 1
Carrot 75 G Stage 1
Desiccated Herbs 270 G Stage 2
Pickled Mushrooms 800 G Stage 2
Harspud Milk 850 G Stage 1
Harspud Juice 1,750 G Stage 3
Harspud Sauce 2,500 G Stage 4
Absorbent Rag 120 G Stage 1
Clean Cloth 120 G Stage 1
Smother Sap 160 G Stage 1
Spicy Mushroom Tea 160 G Stage 1
Detoxicating Powder 800 G Post-Game
Peppermint Seed 2,400 G Post-Game
Oak Leaf Oil 1,600 G Post-Game
Vigilite 2,400 G Post-Game
Throat Remedy 2,800 G Post-Game
Drop of Deliverance 2,800 G Post-Game
Frozen Holy Water 8,000 G Post-Game
Cockatrice Liquor 5,000 G Post-Game
Font of Vigor 1,500 G Post-Game
Font of Constitution 1,000 G Post-Game
Warlock's Incense 1,500 G Post-Game
Cleric's Incense 1,000 G Post-Game
Tools Airtight Flask § 320 G Stage 1
Empty Flask 20 G Stage 1
Flask of Water 90 G Stage 1
Flask of Oil 175 G Stage 1
Kindling 50 G Stage 1
Materials Hemp 300 G Stage 1
Wool-Cloth 1,050 G Stage 2
Armor Farewell Hood 2,690 G Stage 2
Minstrel's Band 1,250 G Stage 1 DA only
Cassardi Shift 270 G Stage 1
Fine Cassardi Shirt 800 G Stage 1
Plebian Shirt 300 G Stage 1
Set of Fisherman's Garb 3,400 G NG+ & High Affinity
Farewell Gloves 2,480 G Stage 2
Cassardi Trousers 180 G Stage 1
Fine Cassardi Hosen 760 G Stage 1
Cloth Greaves 200 G Stage 1
Cassardi Greaves 330 G Stage 1
Farewell Cloak 3,500 G Stage 2
Shed Cape 2,400 G Stage 1


  • Players sometimes experience a hard time to find Iola; Iola often appears at the street which leads to her house at dawn, she closes her shop at night.
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