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Invisibility is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Stealth that grants invisibility for an extended duration."

Grants immunity to most attacks - whilst the Arisen appears nearly invisible.

An upgraded version of Stealth.

In Dragon's Dogma the skill drains stamina and is active until stamina is exhausted - in Dark Arisen the duration is limited to 20 seconds maximum.

Notes, usage, and tactics[]

Skill Duration
Stealth 10 sec
Invisibility 20 sec †
† In Dragon's Dogma time was unlimited - provided stamina remained

This class of skills renders the user invulnerable to physical and magickal attacks, but not to grabs.

  • Press the same button that activated the skill to prematurely cancel it.

Despite the name and appearance of the skill the user is made invincible rather than invisible. Enemies will still notice players when approached and try to attack the Arisen, except that no damage will be sustained.

  • At night, the Duke's castle guards can still detect the Arisen and will arrest an invisible assassin.
  • Attacks pass harmlessly through the Arisen, including enemy Area of Effect spells like Comestion and Maelstrom.
  • Whilst invisible other attacks, actions and skills can be performed - these function as normal and skills will drain stamina in addition to the drain from the invisibility skill.