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Invigorations are positive Status Effects.


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Invigorations can increase Strength, Magick, and their corresponding defenses, as well as luck, or experience gain. They may also cause immunity to Debilitations, nulify Stamina use, or indicate that a weapon has been enchanted with a spell.

Invigorations are indicated by an icon next to the health bar - status effects give the recipient a slight body glow or shimmer usually whitish, whilst enchantments are noticeable on the carried weapons.

Dragon's Dogma

Status Icon Type Duration Effects
Fire FireEnchantment Enchantment Weapons enchanted with Fire - attacks have a chance to cause burning.
Frost IceEnchantment Enchantment Weapons enchanted with Ice - attacks have a chance to Freeze.
Lightning LightningEnchantment Enchantment Weapons enchanted with Lightning and Thunder based spells have a chance to cause Thundershock - chain lightning between foes which may cause stunning or knockdown
Holy HolyEnchantment Enchantment Weapons enchanted with Holy - attacks have a chance to heal the character for a value corresponding to 10% of their Magick Defense.
Dark DarkEnchantment Enchantment Weapons enchanted with Dark - attacks have a chance inflict a Critical Hit
Stamina Boosted UnlimitedStamina Boost 45 s Unlimited Stamina - a unique effect caused by Liquid Vim. You consume no stamina for 45 seconds
Weal Weal Boost 5 m ‡ Double the experience gained from killing enemies
Prosperity Prosperity Boost 5 m Double the gold found or rewarded
Impervious Impervious Status 90 s § Cures any current debilitations. Protects against all debilitations for a time
Strength Boosted StrengthIncreased Status 60 s Strength raised for a limited time
Defenses Boosted DefenseIncreased Status 60 s You receive less damage from physical attacks
Magick Boosted MagickIncreased Status 60 s Magick raised for a limited time
Magick Defenses Boosted MagickDefenseIncreased Status 60 s Magick Defenses raised for a limited time

Dark Arisen

Three new status boosts were added in Dark Arisen.

Status Icon Type Effects
Disencumbered Disencumbered Boost Effective Encumbrance lowered by one rank for 5 minutes. Unique effect caused by Dreamwing Nostrum.
Maximum Health Boosted Health boosted Boost Maximum Health increased for 3 minutes by 500 (Fiendish Essence), or 1000 (Fiendish Extract)
Maximum Stamina Boosted Stamina boosted Boost Maximum Stamina increased for 3 minutes by 500 (Month-Dried Harspud), or 1000 (Decade-Dried Harspud)


  • The four strength and magick boosts (Strength Boosted, Magick Boosted, Defenses Boosted, Magick Defenses Boosted) can stack up to four times each. The stacking is cumulative with the corresponding debilitations - in that, for example - 1 instance of Lowered Strength obtained after three instances of strength boosted (ie 3x Conqueror's Periapt) will reduce the boost to a lower level.
    • The debilitation and invigorations do not directly cancel one another.
    • If more applications of the corresponding debilitation/invigoration have been received than the associated invigoration/debilitation then the status effect with the most applications will show in status menus and icons. If both are equal the debilitation will show.
    • The net effect of four negative and four corresponding positive debilitations and invigorations seems to be negative overall - better to clear the debilitations than try to override..
    • Each status effect has a separate 'timer' and will wear off independently of the others.
  • All other invigorations do not stack, but re-invigorating one's or another's self will reset the decay of the positive effect.
  • Maximum Health Boosted, and Maximum Stamina Boosted increase the maximum amount of each, but do not add any additional health or stamina - additional curatives will be needed to raise health to the higher level.
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