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Intervention is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reduces cumulative damage when you are debilitated by the Five Archmagicks."

Prevents or protects against a variety of Debilitations inflicted through various means including many but not all creature attacks, some environmental effects, and a few spells.

Sources of debilitation that are not prevented by Intervention are instead protected against by the augment Resistance


Intervention provides protection against debilitations inflicted by certain enemy attacks. A sample of these debilitations and the attacks that inflict them can be found below. Note the following lists are not exhaustive.

Protects against[]

Does not protect against[]

Neither Intervention nor Resistance will offer protection from Environmental sources of deilitations such as Drenched from a river or those imparted by the waters of the Miasmic Haunt. These augments will also not provide protection against being Knocked Down as a result of being hit by a Levin spell.

The Augments Intervention and Resistance do not reduce the damage from debilitations such as Poison and Burning. Nor do they reduce damage from elemental spells.


  • The debilitating attacks that this augment does not protect against are protected against by Resistance.
    • Using both Intervention and resistance will render the Arisen almost impervious to debilitations!
  • ERROR!!! The descriptions of Resistance and Intervention are confusing: it does not reduce 'damage' in anyway, instead it prevents (or lowers) the build up the debilitating effect, so that the threshold for debilitation infliction is never reached. (Resistance, Toxicity, Magnitude and Morbidity all have confusing translations.)
    • Furthermore, the things these two augments are supposed to protect against : "Five Archmagicks" (Intervention), "non-Archmagick" (Resistance) do not match in an obvious way with the actual sources of debilitation protected against in each case.
  • The Effect of this augment is not shown in character resistance stats.