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Instant Reset is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Reset employable even while under attack that returns the user to a neutral stance, eliminating openings caused by other actions."

An advanced version of Reset, that allows the user to 'reset' not only their own actions, but also recover from actions inflicted by foes, such as Stagger and Knockdown states.

Using Instant Reset immediately ends the action (animation) after or during skill usage.  This can be used to cancel mis-aimed attacks, or to rapidly terminate end of skill actions.


This under-appreciated skill allows quick cancellation of skills and their terminal animations. Instant Reset alone adds quick recovery after being struck, knocked down, knocked back or staggered.

  • Allows a rapid dismount whilst climbing a monster to avoid being grabbed and eaten. The Arisen can even immediately re-grab a lower part of the monster on the way down and climb back up.
Bitterblack Harbor, running jump, double vault, sunflare, instant rest, sunflare

Crossing Bitterblack Isle Harbor - Using a runing start, followed by Vault, Double Vault, Sunflare, Reset, and Sunflare again.

  • Can be performed in the air.
  • Considerable speed can be obtained by combining with Shearing Wind. The stamina cost of this is heavy, necessitating use of Liquid Vim, but repeated use of this combo can dramatically shorten Speed Run time.
  • Also interrupts non combat actions, without cancelling them :

Pawn use[]

Pawns will use this skill :

  • A common pawn use is to cancel a dodge roll to immediately commence shooting with its longbow or shortbow.
  • They will use reset to quickly recover from Knockdowns and Stagger.

Non-cancellable states[]

Not all states can be recovered from; those not covered included :

  • Staggers from ground shockwaves.
  • Exhaustion from depletion of Stamina.
  • Landing animation after "harpy ride".

Instant Reset only[]

  • Instant Reset also allows the Arisen to revive a pawn very quickly; allowing one to run into danger, aid the pawn, and run out before being attacked, or reviving multiple pawns swiftly.