Indomitable Lunge is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Savage Lunge that charges with increased range, undeterred by enemy attack."

An advanced version of Savage Lunge with increased run distance. In Dark Arisen, becomes Calamitous Lunge with a suitable Warrior's Ring or Band equipped.

The attacker rushes forward with the weapon sideways, appending multiple strikes in a broad flank. The attack finishes with an uppercut hilt strike similar in function and power to a Blink Strike.


  • Pressing [jump] will terminate the run, and initiate the final uppercut pommel strike.
    • If the skill is terminated as soon as it is initiated, the skill will only perform the uppercut strike at the cost of no stamina - a reliable way to perform a quick knockdown attack.
    • Cancelling with [jump] doesn't work in Dragon's Dogma only Dark Arisen
  • As a fast multiple strike skill, it is of increased utility when paired with critical hit weapons such as Rooted Gloom and Iraklis, as well as giving more opportunities to debilitate with any type of enchanted or special weapon.
  • Useful against packs of stationary grouped enemies, and downed giant monsters.
  • However the attack power is rather low and it may not be effective against creatures with high defense.


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