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In Aid of the Emerald King III is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"As grand chamberlain, 'tis my duty sworn to protect His Majesty and foil the senate's intrigue. Alas, on the first eve I set out to subdue monsters and acquire ingredients for His Majesty's curative, I find myself astray in this labyrinth! Scant time remains, so I beseech you to continue the task of culling the creatures in my stead."

Slay all the Pyre Saurians at The Tainted Mountain Temple.



In Aid of the Emerald King III (quest walkthrough)

Pyre Saurians are not only weak to Ice, but Ice enchanted weapons can douse their flames, freeze and shatter them outright.

This quest is available in Post-Game, from The Warriors' Respite notice board. Four Pyre Saurians as well as four Hellhounds await within the 'Temple Antechamber' leading to the Gorechimera.

Defeat the inflamed lizards to complete the quest.