Aej impervious on right

Normal status (left), Impervious status (right)

Impervious is an Invigoration that cures and grants temporary immunity to all debilitations.



"Cures all debilitations
Protects against all debilitations for a time".

Clears and prevents any debilitation with the exception of Unconsciousness of Pawns.

Impervious can be obtained from potions, spells, and magickal springs.


Origin Duration
Healing Spring § 90s
Pilgrim's Charm
Sobering Wine
Monk's Periapt
Ward Arrow 135s
Great Ward Arrow
§ Also restores Health and Stamina
The Weal effect lasts 5 minutes
Group Curative
  • Impervious status is indicated in menus and health bars by a white icon showing a human figure with directional arrows deflecting off their body.
  • Visually, a character with the Impervious status will emanate a white glow around their body.
  • Doesn't prevent Unconsciousness such as from Dragon Roar.
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