Ice is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


All ice based weapons and spells have a chance to inflict the status effect frozen - drenched are more easily frozen.

Creature resistances

For a list, see List of Creature Elemental and Melee Resistances.

Enemies vulnerable to ice include Drakes, various Saurian species but not Sulfur Saurians. Post-dragon creatures are also generally weak to ice i.e. Hellhounds, Succibi and Gorechimeras.

Enemies resistant to ice include Direwolves, Snow Harpies, Undead, Skeletons and Wyrms.

Several creatures in Bitterblack Isle are weak to ice including Pyre Saurians, Eliminators, Gorecyclopes and Banshees.

Spells, Skills and Equipment

Spells and Skills


  • Despite pawn's constant insistence that they are "weak to fire and ice both", goblins and hobgoblins show no special weakness to either element.
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