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I'm In is a trophy/achievement available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"Used illicit means to pass through the gate at the border."

How to Obtain[]

If attempting to earn the achievement/trophy during the quest Nation of the Lambent Flame, follow steps 1-7 below.

If the quest has already been completed, or inactive, follow steps follow steps 1-5.

Warning: both scenario's will result in the guards becoming hostile at the other side of the gate.

[1] Travel to Checkpoint Rest Town.

[2] Rest at the inn to save the game, just in case the oppurtunity is missed when the royal oxcart arrives.

[3] Sit on a nearby bench, one is located at the Sword & Staff or at the North Border Checkpoint Oxcart Station. Choose to 'doze off' until mid-day. Dozing off a single time will do the trick.

[4] Wait for the royal oxcart to arrive. It will show up on the northeastern bridge prior to Checkpoint Rest Town and will make its way to the border's gate.

[5] In this particular scenario, we stood on a nearby platform overlooking the northeastern bridge as shown below. As the oxcart approached we jumped on top and rode it to the gate.


At this point if the quest is already completed and/or inactive, stay on the oxcart and ride it through the gate. Once it reaches the other side of the gate, the achievement/trophy should pop.

If attempting to earn the achievement/trophy during the quest continue to follow the remaining steps below.

[6] Once the this oxcart reaches Gordon a cut scene will take place in alignment with the quest. Watch the cutscene, and then quickly hop back on or in the ox cart before it leaves the gate. The oxcart seemed to pause for a slight moment prior to going through the gate, allowing allotted time to hop on or inside the carriage.

Important note: Step 6 will not work unless the royal oxcart has actually arrived in Checkpoint Rest Town and reached the border gate. Simply arriving at the gate and activating the quest's cut scene, will not allow any time to hop on or in the oxcart.

[7] Stay on the oxcart until it reaches the other side of the border's gate. Doing so should earn the achievement/trophy.'


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