Hundred Kisses is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Scarlet Kisses that focuses a quick flurry of slashes on a single point, allowing for more strikes."

An advanced version of Scarlet Kisses. In Dark Arisen, it becomes Thousand Kisses with a suitable Daggerist's Band equipped.


Skill Double slashes
Scarlet Kisses 10
Hundred Kisses 15
Thousand Kisses 20
  • Press [dagger skill + attack] repeatedly to employ multiple follow up attacks at no additional stamina cost.
    • Each attack results in a double slashing attack.
    • On the ground the final attack terminates with a roundhouse kick.
    • Whilst climbing the final attack has a flourish.
    • The final roundhouse kick can be canceled with a jump or Forward Roll.
  • Instant Reset can be useful for grounded attacks, as the short range and lack of movement oft cause the attack to miss.
  • Strider's gain an attack bonus when using this skill (or the core attack) when climbing the most powerful foes (such as the gazer, Drakes, or the Ur-Dragon, but not Ogres, Cyclops, or less creatures).


  • backhand spin
  • melee flurry (extendable by repeated button presses)
  • kick finale
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