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Home Is Where the Hearth Is is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma II.


"A regiment of soldiers occupiles Melve, keeping the villagers as prisoners in their homes and turning outsiders away."

Quest Objectives[]

DDCHECKBOX Speak with Lennart.
DDCHECKBOX Procure four swords and give them to Lennart.
DDCHECKBOX Learned where the weapons are being kept.
DDCHECKBOX Repel the soldiers stationed in Melve.
DDCHECKBOX Informed Ulrika about the goings- on in Melve.
DDCHECKBOX Spoke with Ulrika anight.


[1] Quest will begin once the Arisen speaks to the guard closest to the entrance and enters Melve. The Arisen can bride the guard by paying 5000 gold or sneak in through a spot that is not being watched. One such place is an area located just behind a guard who is sitting next to the stone wall. Sneak behind the guard and jump over the wall to gain free access.


[2] Once access to Melve has been granted, or the Arisen sneaks in, speak with Lennart who is located inside Ulrika's House.

[3] Lennart requests that four swords be procured that were taken by the guards. There are three options in obtaining the weapons:

  1. By purchasing the weapons.
  2. Fight and kill the guards protecting the small house located inside the village. Inside are three chests with weapons. Note that one chest will contain two weapons.
  3. Rely on Ian to distract the guards from the small house. Completion of the quest Brothers Brave and Timid is required for this option. Ian will be standing close to the house with his brother and will offer his assistance. Loot the chests after the guards have chased after them.
Guarded House Containing Weapons

[4] The quest will prompt the Arisen to return to Harve Village in a few days time. After a few days have passed, return and speak with Ulrika. She will be standing on the dock that is located on the beach. She will request to return to her in the evening.

[5] Speak with Ulrika at night at the dock, and a cut scene will take place between her and the Arisen. Afterword, the quest will be completed.