Holy Grace is a Holy based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Holy Aid that converts damage from blocked blows into Health for an extended duration."

An advanced version of Holy Aid that lasts longer, heals more, and can heal past 'white' damage on a Perfect Block - to intone the spell both first and second tier incantations must be completed, otherwise only the lesser spell will be cast.


Holy Aid Holy Grace
Duration 60 sec 90 sec
Healing 15 30
Healing on perfect block 45 90
  • Both spells recover 'white' damage (similar to Anodyne) on blocking attacks.
  • Healing is independent of incoming attack.
    • Multiarrow strikes count as multiple attacks
    • Blocked thrown items, or attacks such as a Dragon's wing buffets also cause healing.
  • Only Holy Grace can heal past white damage, and only when the attack is Perfect Blocked.
  • Can recover health from non-damaging attacks, such as a Dragonkin's wind buffet.
  • Shield magick strength has no effect on amount of healing.