Holy is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


Holy weapons and spells generally deal damage to foes - and whilst healing and curative spells support and benefit allies, the invoked holy sigils will reversely hurt any undead creature that steps within its area of effect.[1]

Damage inflicted with a holy weapon or spell has a chance to heal the user - generally only 'white' damage is healed. When a healing strike is performed, the amount of Health restored is usually equal to one tenth of the user's base Magick Defense. See also Elemental Debilitations § Holy and Dark.

Creature resistances

For lists, see List of Creature Elemental and Melee Resistances and List of Creature Debilitation Resistances.

Holy magick is useful throughout Gransys, with only a few foes showing strong resistance. Post Dragon, it becomes more effective as more undead foes will appear.

All Undead including Skeletons, Ghosts, Liches and Wights are deeply damaged by holy attacks.

Spells, Skills and Equipment

Spells and Skills

Pawn Chatter

On using holy magick against evil undead such as Wights:

"Holy magick will end its wicked existence!"


  1. Anodyne, Spellscreen, and Halidom all work offensively against Undead, Skeletons and Ghosts in addition to their primary effect.
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