Hobble the Foe is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Gone are the days when goblins were confined to the Shadow Fort. Now, with the hobgoblins to lead them, they've marched on all Gransys. We must suffer them to grow any bolder! Slay the hobgoblins and stop ths plague from spreading further."

Defeat 10 Hobgoblins in The Shadow Fort area.


This quest is available at The Encampment notice board after meeting with the Duke in the quest Come to Court.

Once ten Hobgoblins are defeated, the reward will be automatically given.

Hobble the Foe (quest walkthrough)

Hobble the Foe (quest walkthrough)

Starting from the Aernst Castle ruins, travel southwest towards the Healing Spring and the Conqueror's Sanctuary in order to encounter the (more than) 10 Hobgoblins needed to complete this quest. Even more Hobgoblins can be found by travelling northwest towards the Shadow Fort.