Hindsight Sweep is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Hindsight Slash. Duck back before delivering a slashing charge. Becomes even stronger as attacks are evaded."

An advanced version of Hindsight Slash. In Dragon's Dogma, becomes Hindsight Strike with a suitable Fighter's Ring or Band equipped.


  • This skill can be cancelled just after the backdash by either jumping or blocking, allowing multiple consecutive backdashes.
  • Using this skill just before being hit will improve its damage and Knockdown. When timed correctly, it will produce a slow motion effect and a distinctive whoosh sound.
    • With a weapon over 500 strength a well timed attack is the most powerful single strike available to the Fighter - the timed attack roughly doubles physical attack power, but not magick. (see Skill multiplier data - with a lesser weapon the first strike of Downthrust based skills are stronger.)
    • If not timed correctly against an foe's attack the follow up attack is similar in strength to Broad Cut.
  • When countering advancing enemies, or countering at too close a distance the countering "rush attack" may whiff past the intended target.
    • This can be mitigated somewhat with the use of Hindsight Strike. The first strike will still whiff past the enemy, but the second strike will connect.
  • Curiously each "tick" of a debilitating spell such as Lassitude counts as an enemy hit. This has the effect of always triggering a well timed counter.
    • A potential use for this would be for a Fighter, with 100% resistance to the respective debilitation, to utilize debilitating "fogs" for constant well timed attacks.


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