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Hindsight Sweep is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Hindsight Slash. Duck back before delivering a slashing charge. Becomes even stronger as attacks are evaded."

An advanced version of Hindsight Slash. In Dark Arisen, becomes Hindsight Strike with a suitable Fighter's Ring or Fighter's Band equipped.

Usage, Damage, Tactics[]

Timing the backdash well greatly improves it damage and Knockdown power. When timed correctly, it will produce a 'riposte' with slow motion effect on the follow up strike and a distinctive whoosh sound.

  • Not just melee attacks can be riposted, arrow and magick strikes can be too.
  • The window of opportunity is much greater than with Perfect Blocks. In fact the riposte can still be successfully performed even if the fighter was struck, if the back dash is performed very soon after (and was not staggered by the foe's attack)
  • Curiously each "tick" of a debilitating spell (such as Lassitude) will also trigger the riposte, making some spellcasters easy targets.
  • Even more curiously campfires and some other patches of burning ground will also trigger the riposte. The fighter does not need to be in the fire or exposed to the burning effect.


  • The attack scales well with total strength, with fair base power. If 'riposted' the base power and phsysical attack power are basically doubled. Elemental damage is not increased.
    • With a weapon over 500 strength a well timed attack is the most powerful single strike available to the Fighter. (see Skill multiplier data) - with a lesser weapon the first strike of Downthrust based skills are stronger.)
    • If not timed correctly against an foe's attack the follow up attack is similar in strength to Broad Cut.


  • When countering advancing enemies, or countering at too close a distance the countering "rush attack" may whiff past the intended target.
    • This can be mitigated somewhat with the use of Hindsight Strike. The first strike will still whiff past the enemy, but the second strike will connect.
  • This skill can be cancelled just after the backdash by either jumping or blocking, allowing multiple consecutive backdashes.