Hilde is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A nun at the Gran Soren Cathedral. She used to train at the abbey to the west."



  • "Greetings, traveler. Whence are you come?"
  • "I myself am here from an abbey well to the west. I'd heard tell of the beasts that prowl the roads, but to see them myself...What a fright!"
  • "If you mean to walk those roads yourself, take care, good traveler. May the Maker ever be your shield."
  • "Many friends remain at the abbey I left, in the west. It will take more than a dragon to scare them off, or me from this place!"

  • "I had not known that you and Quina both hail from the same village. When I spoke to her of life at the abbey, she was quite eager to join. I also learned she has a gift for healing. The Maker works through each of us in different ways.
  • "Perhaps if Quina cultivated her talents, the others in the abbey would take notice. Perhaps their recommendations could even earn her entrance to the Grand Cathedral. It seems only right her diligence be rewarded. I shall keep her in my prayers."


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