High Sopor is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Sopor that creates a larger, longer-lasting sigil around the user that lulls foes who enter into slumber."

Inflicts sleep via an area of effect spell around the caster's staff - the wielder may move slowly whilst casting.



Sopor can work on non-hired allys as well as foes

  • An advanced version of Sopor, producing an extended effect radius.
  • With Dark Arisen, it becomes Grand Sopor with the relevant Mystic Knight's Ring or Mystic Knight's Band equipped.
  • Inflicts the Sleep debilitation upon vulnerable enemies caught within the field surrounding the Arisen.
  • The spell can be continually cast as long as the Arisen has stamina. The inventory menu may be opened and stamina curatives used to extend the spell indefinitely, or until the spell is cancelled.
  • If the Arisen jumps, or gets staggered or knocked down, the spell will cancel.
  • The Sleep debilitation lasts approximately 20 seconds on each affected enemy.
  • Casting Sopor with a suitably upgraded rusted, aneled, or golden staff can also inflict the weapon specific debilitation upon enemies within the spell's field of effect.
  • Exclusive to the Mystic Knight vocation.
  • In cases where the debilitation is slow to take hold, the augment Magnitude can be equipped to increase the power of the spell.