High Petrifaction is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Petrifaction that invokes a larger, longer-lasting fog that turns foes who enter it to stone."

An advanced version of Petrifaction. Inflicts petrification on any creature that lingers too long within the spell's area of effect.

Not only is the fog larger and longer lasting, but it petrifies at around one and a half times the frequency than the basic spell.


Spell Cast Time Duration
Petrifaction 5.5 sec + 5 sec hold 5 sec
High Petrifaction 11 sec + 5 sec hold 7.5 sec
  • For details of enemies vulnerable or immune to this debilitation see Petrification.
  • High Petrifaction has a radius and debilitation power around 50% greater than Petrifaction
  • Petrifaction is a slow acting targeted spell - a creature must linger within the spell's active area for some time for the spell to take hold - its speed of effect is generally much slower than other debilitating spells such as Lassitude or Blearing.
    • Once afflicted the creature will be first slowed, then frozen, and eventually destroyed as they turn to stone.
  • Many large enemies are immune, including dragons.
  • Traveling pawns, guards, and other humans can be petrified by this spell.
  • The speed of action of this spell can be significantly improved by the augment Magnitude.


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