High Perdition is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Perdition that invokes a larger, longer lasting fog that curses foes who enter."

An advanced version of Perdition.

Curses those that enter the spell for too long.


  • For example, one sigil is needed for weak enemies such as Goblins or Rats, two for Poisoned Undead.
    • Time, not the spellcaster's Magick stats, augment the chance of inflicting this debilitation.
    • As long as an enemy is within the sigil, they will be slowed down as if struck by Torpor.
  • Sigil lasts for 10 seconds (20 with the "Extends duration of equipped skills." Bonus Enhancements)
  • In cases where the debilitation is slow to take hold, the augment Magnitude can be used to increase the power of the spell.
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