High Necromancy is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Necromancy that calls forth a larger host of spirits that assist with attack and defense for a time."

An advanced version of Necromancy.

This spell summons eight undead spirits, which remain in the presence of the summoner for up to 25 seconds.


Spell Spirits Duration
Necromancy 4 15 sec
High Necromancy 8 25 sec
  • The summoned spirits will latch onto nearby foes and non-hostile fauna, either on their feet, hands, or heads, causing some dark magick damage with a high frequency of Critical Hits.
    • Lighter foes may be lifted into the air by this, and are knocked down when they land.
  • After a few seconds the soul will implode and depart, causing more damage to the bound enemy.
  • Casting High Necromancy prior to opening chests in Bitterblack Isle can serve as protection against ambushing Maneaters, as they will immediately let go.
  • Pawns will cast this spell in response to a "Help" command.
  • A similar spell can be cast by all vocations with Jewel of Summoning.