High Maelstrom is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Maelstrom that summons a larger, longer-lasting whirlwind to wreak havoc upon foes."

An advanced version of Maelstrom, larger, lasts longer, and with a stronger pull.


Maelstrom High Maelstrom
Incant time ~11 secs ~ +6 secs
Duration ~15 secs ~27 secs
Max. Hits 20 40


After a long charging incantation during which the caster is immobile, the spell begins to be cast. After incantation charges the spell a 'holding' phase begins whilst the caster continues to be immobilized. During this phase the whirlwind will be generated; the character will be locked into the final casting position after the whirlwind begins for a substantial period of time.

  • The 'holding' time is around 11 seconds, of which the first 3 seconds are required to create the tornado. After 'holding' the sorcerer is free to move, and the whirlwind will continue for some time too.
  • The first tier spell must be incanted afore the second tier can be cast.
  • This spell works with group spellcasting
  • Only the incantation phase is speeded by the Wyrmking's Ring or Articulacy, the holding part of the spell is not.
  • Once the whirlwind is created interruptions do not disable the spell
    • However, being hit by foes during the holding phase is the only way to prematurely exit this casting stance.
    • Unequipping the archistaff may be used to cancel the spell after holding phase.


Inflicts Dark magic damage, drawing enemies into its core and throwing them in the air for additional Fall Damage. Both Maelstrom and High Maelstrom have the same power, but the high version lasts longer and so cumulative damage is higher.

Ineffective against enemies strong to Dark magic that are not lifted into the air. If a creature resists the spell they will not be lifted into the air, even if they are small.

  • Very effective against the Dark Bishop.
  • Armored Cyclops that still have their helmets are quite resistant.
  • High Maelstrom can stun or make the Ur-Dragon reel and is most effective if it directly hits the dragon's head.

Foe Maelstrom use

Wights, Lichs, Corrupted Pawn sorcerers, and the Dark Bishop cast this spell.

With very high dark resistance the lifting effect of this spell will be resisted, rendering it mostly harmless.


  • Doesn't cause any physical damage to foes.
  • When cast by an allied pawn this spell can fire Great Cannon sigils.
  • High Maelstrom draws things into its center, and can move Metal Golem discs about the battlefield.  Maelstrom may not be powerful enough to move the discs.
  • There is no Grand Maelstrom version.



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