High Levin is a Lightning based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Levin that smites foes with multiple lighting bolts from above."

Smites foes with six lightning bolts.

An advanced version of Levin. Becomes Grand Levin with a suitable Staff-Bearer's Ring or Band equipped.


Form Tongues
Levin 3
High Levin 6
Grand Levin 9
  • All forms of Levin strike foes from above with thunder based magick. If the targeting sigil is swept over many foes, each makes a minor target of the spell - only one enemy will be marked by a full circular rune, and will receive most of the power of the spell. Other targeted enemies will be marked by a small violet glowspot.
    • Click right analog stick to focus all the spell on a single aimed target.
    • Click left analog stick for manual aiming.
  • The spell can strike creatures that are out of sight, or under cover.
  • Can be used to remove the face mask from a Condemned Gorecyclops. Knowledgeable pawns will reliably demonstrate this tactic.
  • A similar spell can be cast by all vocations with a Fulgurous Lord Tome.