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High Lassitude is a dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Lassitude that calls forth a larger, longer-lasting fog that inflicts torpor upon foes who enter."

Inflicts Torpor on foes that enter the spell's fog and linger in it.

An advanced version of Lassitude with a larger radius of effect that lasts longer.


  • Non-skippable part of post-release animation takes only ~1.3s. Considering quick cast time for tier 1 that makes Lassitude one of the fastest spells in game.
    • The spell's post-cast hold time can be eliminated by using [jump]
Lassitude High
Cast Time 1.5s +4s
Duration 6s 10s
Max Hits 2 @ 0.31/s 4 @ 0.33/s
Radius ~2m ~3m
  • High Lassitude may be very slightly stronger per 'hit' than the lower tier spell, but only around +20% more effective.
    • Oddly, the augment Magnitude doesn't improve this skill, though it does work with several other debilitating spells, like Sopor or Blearing.
  • Adept's Hat adds 10s to spell duration.
  • Rapidly casting multiple Lassitude spells on a foe may stop their movement entirely for a time - it may even halt enemies immune to torpor.
  • The spell provides a dim spot of light.
  • Mostly effective as a one-two spell combination against Cyclopes, Ogres, and other large creatures to buy time to cast bigger spells such as High Maelstrom, or to make climbing them easier.
  • Firing light Magick Bolts with a gold rarified Rusted Archistaff is more effective at inflicting Torpor on individual enemies than casting Lassitude.