High Ingle is a fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Ingle that looses a number of fiery projectiles that explode on contact."

Unleashes three fireballs at foes.

An advanced version of Ingle, which becomes Grand Ingle with a suitable Staff-Bearer's Ring or Band equipped.


  • Each fireball deals elemental Fire damage with a chance to inflict Burning and Stagger or Knockdown. The spell has a two-stage effect :
    1. First the ball strikes causing magickal fire damage with a chance to cause burning - this initial strike only targets a single foe.
    2. Then the ball explodes with a small radius of effect (under 1m) and a chance to cause stagger or knockdown - this explosion may affect multiple targets.
    • Each stage causes damage separately - this can be seen in the health bar display which will change (rapidly) in two steps.
    • It is possible for the initial fireball to miss, but for the target to still be damaged by the explosion.
  • Humans, including allies, are unlikely to be knocked down, but smaller foes such as Goblins may be knocked back a considerable distance by a fireball.
  • If the targeting sigil is passed over multiple enemies, a priority and secondary target will be set. The secondary targets are indicated by small fire sigils on targeted foes - a single fireball may diverge from the group to strike the minor targets.
  • Click left analog stick [L3] for manual aiming.
  • All Ingle spells are the only, apart from Gicel, that both, do not immobilize the caster and allow unrestricted aiming (like a bow) in manual aiming mode.
  • Click right analog stick to lock on aimed target.


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