High Grapnel is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Grapnel that uses dark magick to bind even large foes for an extended period of time."

An advanced version of Grapnel which can bind larger creatures as well, and lasts longer.

Notes, Tactics

  • Both spells do a relatively small amount of dark based damage in addition to binding, and can kill smaller foes outright.
  • Holding a large enemy in place is useful to buy time for allies to charge powerful attacks.
  • Whilsy Grapnel only holds a single human size foe or smaller, High Grapnel will hold giant foes including Gorecyclops (Condemned), Dragons and Daimon
  • Multiple mages casting Grapnel have a better chance to hold -such as with Daimon's second form.
High Grapnel vs Griffin (demonstration)

High Grapnel vs Griffin (demonstration)

Like Shadowsnare, High Grapnel can be used to prevent a Griffin from fleeing.

  • Foes caught in the tendrils of High Grapnel are also prevented from spellcasting, roaring, and attacking.
  • Equipping this spell to a Mage pawn (with no other spells enabled) and a Legion's Might staff will help ensure that the pawn continually holds an enemy in place in major battles while the rest of the party heals or attacks.
  • These spells will not fully grasp onto non-hostile fauna like Boar in the same way it does to foes - the initial grasp will immediately release after doing a small amount of damage.

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