High Frigor is an ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Frigor that generates three spires of ice. The last one can serve as a stepping stone."

An advanced version of Frigor.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Grand Frigor with a suitable Mage's Ring, Mage's Band, or Staff-Bearer's Band equipped.

Usage, damage, and tactics

Spell Spires Ice block
Frigor 1 ~10s
High Frigor 3 ~20s
Grand Frigor 5  ?
  • All frigor spells deals Ice-based Magick damage.
  • These spells have no physical component, and so do not get increased damage from Strength Boosted - as such they are useless against golems.
  • Both, ice spires and explosion from the destroyed ice block have the chance to freeze an enemy.
  • The spires have good knockdown, and will lift smaller enemies into the air.
  • Can be used on Ore deposits and to damage some environments; similar to a Warrior's attack.
  • Damage per 'spire' for all tiers of this spell is very similar, with the central pillar of the high or grand versions having slightly (+10%) more power.
    • The main, central, tallest spire hits twice on formation for all tiers of this spell.

Ice platform

Frigor drake plays himself (3)

Charging Drake plays himself, shattering an ice block placed in his path

  • The final spire of ice leaves behind a short platform of ice that can be climbed and stood on afore it shatters.
    • Useful to gain access to some locations, including a few Badge of Vows quests.
    • If cast on uneven or uncertain ground the ice platform will not form.
    • The dispersal of the block causes an ice 'explosion' , similarly, if a creature strikes the block it will take damage as the block shatters.
    • Damage from the "explosion" of a struck block is pure magick, and scales with total magick, just like the damage from the ice spires.
    • The higher tier spells have longer lasting blocks, otherwise the properties of the blocks are identical.
    • Platforms of ice can be made on top of each other. This requires casting a second frigor spire on top of the other - usually the spell sigil will not rise to the level of the first block, so taking advantage or adjacent higher ground or a rock is usually necessary. Because of the temporal nature of the blocks the limit seems to be three blocks, even with Wyrmking's Ring to speed casting.


Witchwood frigor glitch past golem to 2nd area

Clipping through the Witchwood's huge tree using double Frigor ice block stacks

  • Several foes have access to this spell, including Bandit spellcasters, spellcasting Wyrms, and others.
  • Stacking of blocks can be used with a clipping glitch to gain access to the inner area of the Witchwood bypassing the locked door near the resting Golem.


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