High Frazil is an ice based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Frazil that creates an expanded field of cold around the user that deals ice damage to those it touches."

An improved form of Frazil that creates a larger zone of cold, and allows slightly faster movement, with a more powerful and larger frost wave on release.

Use and tactics

Frazil and High Frazil work in the same way: once cast, the spellcaster is surrounded by a circular area of cold that does not damage but may inflict freezing on foes within in.

Whilst active the caster may move, slowly; holding the zone of cold active uses stamina, and if fully depleted the spell will be dispersed.

The finishing move of the spell releases a cone of cold in front of the caster that causes frost damage, and potentially freezes its victim.

Zone of cold

Skill Stamina Strength † Radius
Frazil 30/sec 100% <2m
High Frazil 60/sec ~125% <3m
† Ability to Freeze relative to Ice Boon

The zone of cold causes no or minimal damage to foes, even those weak to cold such as Saurians.  It can repeatedly freeze and unfreeze enemies, leaving them open to attacks by other members of the party.

The frost effect is enough to keep some enemies in a pseudo-staggered state, with their actions interrupted or slowed.

High Frazil has slightly stronger debilitating power than Frazil, in addition to the larger radius of effect. Additionally if used with an upgraded aneled, rusted or golden weapon these spells can also inflict the debilitation specific to that weapon.

As a support spell the zone of cold can be maintained to give other party members an advantage.

Cone of cold

The blast wave carries the main damage of the spell.  It is released in a cone in front of the caster, including both above and below. Any enemy that can be frozen will almost certainly be frozen by the cone of frost.

As an offensive spell, it is best to incant and release the spell as quickly as possibly.  The range and damage are fairly good, and the blast affects all creatures caught in its cone. High Frazil has higher base power and scales better with core and weapon magick than Frazil.

Both tiers of the spell do different damage at range and close up - in the case of Frazil more damage is done at range, whereas with High Frazil does more damage close up.


Frrost saurian

"Frost Saurians"

  • Annoyingly the 'zone of cold' can also unfreeze frozen foes, undoing this useful effect, whilst inflicting zero damage. Learning to quickly cancel if a creature is frozen can be an asset.
  • Both the zone and cone of cold can be blocked or guarded against.
  • The frost wave from High Frazil is roughly twice as powerful as Frazil's.
  • A similar cold blast spell is conjurer when using Mystic Knight Shield Counters with Icecounter or Frost Riposte - in general the magick shield spells are more powerful at the same tier.


  • To terminate the spell without release of the frost wave press [jump].
  • To release the cone of cold press [attack].
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