High Brontide is a lightning based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Brontide that calls forth a longer-lasting whip of lightning that drops more bolts when dismissed."

An advanced version of Brontide, that conjures Levin like lightning strikes with each crack of the whip.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Grand Brontide with a suitable Mage's Ring / Band or Staff-Bearer's Band equipped.


Skill Stamina Bolts †
Brontide 36/s 3
High Brontide 45/s 5
Grand Brontide  ?  ?
† On release
  • Unlike with other spells user can walk at normal pace when using this skill.
  • Use [Jump] to terminate the spell early.
  • Press the [Light] and [Heavy] with the spell active to perform horizontal and vertical attacks with the magick whip.
    • Higher tier spells conjure lightning strikes in addition to the whip with each strike - Brontide does not.
  • This skill can easily Stagger enemies and is best used against large creatures that can be hit multiple times per strike such as Gorechimera, Elder Ogre or Drake.
  • Requires high Stamina for extensive pawn use.
    • Contrary to the description, High Brontide does not last longer - it uses more stamina, but has additional effects.
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