Heavy Iron Armor Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


An Iron Armor set for Fighters.

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Full Armor Set
Partial pieces

The Heavy Iron Armor Set is a complete set of iron plate armor wearable by fighters, warriors and mystic knights - the low magick defense, and lack of left-hand protection makes this armor a sub-optimal choice for magick knights and warriors respectively. For fighters this armor is an excellent set for beginning and experienced soldiers.

The torso carries a crest of a golden griffin - this is the seal of Gran Soren - it is seen elsewhere, such as part of the heraldry of the Royal Surcoat.

Parts of the armor are available in partial form - the torso armor Sectional Armor uses only the main piece of the full armor, whilst the boots Steel-Toed Boots use only the footwear of the full cuisses.

The complete set has a weight of 11.89 in its basic form, reduced to 7.77 when fully upgraded and rarified - in the best cast the set gives 33% resistance to fire, and 142% sleep resistance. The paladins mantle adds possession, holy and curse protection. Physical defences (excluding underarmor) increases from 171 to 345 as the set is upgraded, dragonforged, and rarified. The physical resistances and protection against stagger and knockdown are very good. Magick defense is roughly half the physical.

Like the Meloirean Armor Set the matching cape for this set, the Paladin's Mantle is not available 'till much later in the quest than the rest of the set - it is obtained during the quest Reward and Responsibility. The Adventurer's Cloak is a good alternative in blue.

As the set gives only partial protection underclothes should be of the armored kind, such as a Chain Mail Set; good quality trousers such as the leather Worker's Pants are also suitable. Weapons such as the Trusty Sword and Iron Shield or better fit well with this equipment.

Parts of this armor set are seen worn by undead soldiers, and sometimes better equipped goblins - albeit in a much decayed state.


  • The set is also used as the iconic Fighter armor in the vocation selection screen - worn with a Plated Coat -this is also the variation shown in the Official Dragon's Dogma Design Works.
  • Neither of the 'matching' capes gives matching debilitation or archmagick resistance.
  • The Arm Crest carries the same heraldry as the shield.
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