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Heavenward Lash is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Skyward Lash. Looses a lengthy onslaught of slashes well suited to bringing flying foes to ground."

An advanced version of Skyward Lash.


Skill Swings
Skyward Lash 3
Heavenward Lash 6
  • Press [attack] repeatedly for the series of attacks.
  • In addition to its obvious use against flying enemies, this skill is particularly useful for hitting hard to reach spots on large enemies such as a Golem's disks, a Dire Wyvern or Wyvern's heart, a floating Evil Eye, or the heads of tall enemies such as Griffins, Eliminators, Elder Ogres, etc.
  • Has a faster rate of attack than the standard sword combo, but is a less powerful attack per strike.
  • Each swing hits twice.