Health is a primary Stat that represents a character or creature's ability to take damage - it can be reduced by physical or magickal attacks, poisons, or long falls; and can be restored by eating foods, restorative potions, and some magicks.

When health drops to zero people including the Arisen die (but can be revived by a Wakestone), and pawns become Unconscious.


This figure represents how much damage the character can take as a naked person. With more Health the character is more resilient and can absorb more damage before death.

Damage to health is divided into two determining factors:

  1. Indirect Health damage - Indirect Health damage is the most common damage and is indicated by losing a portion of health that leaves a grey section on the health bar to indicate it may be restored through Magick spells.
  2. Direct Health damage or "wounding", which can be interpreted as cumulative physical trauma such as blood loss, broken bones, cuts and deep bruising.  Direct Health damage is indicated by a transparent section of the Health bar. This type of damage cannot be healed with Anodyne and must instead be healed by using Curatives such as Greenwarish or other items that restore health. Sleeping at an Inn or Rest Camp will completely recover a character's Health; touching a Rift stone long enough or entering a Rift Stone will completely restore a pawn's Health. 

When a character suffers from both direct and indirect health damage, using a curing item will heal the maximum amount it can starting at the indirect health portion. Thus if the player wishes to conserve one's Curatives, it is prudent to use curative Magick first to heal the grey-indicated damage and then use Curatives to heal the rest.

The amount of damage a character receives in combat is affected by equipment on the body and the character's Defense and/or Magick Defense stat. Whether suffering direct or indirect health damage, once the amount of health reaches 0, the character dies. Some augments increase maximum health or or aid its regeneration :

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Vigilance Increases health by 100 Fighter
Longevity Increases health by 100 Ranger
Sanguinity Increases health by 100 at nighttime Assassin
Regeneration Regenerates 1 health every 3 seconds Magick Archer
Predation Regenerates 100 health when you deliver the killing blow to an enemy Secret Augments
Recuperation Speeds health recovery from curative magic and healing springs.
Mettle Increases the ratio of white health when talking damage

Health increases as a character levels, and is highest, in order, when leveling up as Warrior, Fighter, Mystic Knight, with Strider having average growth.  All other vocations have below average Health growth.

Some rare equipment slight boosts health or heals when worn. The Savior Ring increases health by 500.

Critical Health

When health falls below three tenths (30%) of maximum - "Critical Health" - the health bar turns red, and for the Arisen, the screen turns 'bloodshot' at the edges. Also known as "Red Health".

Several augments trigger on critical health :

Augment Description Unlocked by Vocation
Sanctuary Improves your Defense and Magick Defense by 50% Mystic Knight
Exhilaration Strength is increased by 50%.

(in Dark Arisen the increase was reduced to 35%)

Equanimity Magick is increased by 50%.

(in Dark Arisen, the increase was reduced to 20%)


Additionally some weapons with Dark Arisen Bonus Enhancements have special effects activated when health is critical.


Health is represented by a green bar - both in the in game HUD, and in menus - when health falls below one third of maximum (critical health) the health bar will turn red, together with other visual and auditory cues that health is low.


  • Sometimes referred to as Hit Points ; and may be abbreviated to HP.
  • For a list of curatives see List of Health and Stamina Curatives
  • The augment Tenacity can sometimes protect against attacks that would reduce health to zero.
  • The highest Health value is 7150, and with boosts it can be raised to 8150 ( 5820 + 300 +30 + 1000 + 1000 ) : Levelling Fighter from 1-10, into Warrior 10-100, then either Fighter or Mystic Knight from 101-200 gives 5820 health; using three augments, (Vigilance, Longevity, Sanguinity) raises it by 300; Scholar's Cape increases health by 30; and two Savior Rings (+500 HP/ST per) increases it to 7150. Using Fiendish Extract raises this to 8150 temporarily.
  • The lowest legitimate Health value for a level 200 character is 2548, accomplished by levelling as a Mage from 1-10, Sorcerer from 11-100, and then Strider, Warrior, Ranger, or Assassin from 101-200.
  • The highest possible health regeneration from Bonus Enhancements and Augments is 20HP/s.
    • This is achieved by wearing the full Immortal's Armor Set (But swapping the chestpiece for one with the "Gradually restores health" enhancement) with the Regeneration augment equipped and having 3 pawns all wearing chest armor with the Bonus Enhancement: "Has a slight restorative effect on pawns near you.".
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