Healing Spring is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


"The waters of this mysterious spring are blessed with curative properties."

Healing Springs are recognised by pools of white luminous slightly milky water, which is disgorged from the top of a glowing upright edifice. A gentle low pitch hum and throbbing noise is also associated with these locations.

On Bitterblack Isle the outpouring of a Healing Spring is found captured in a man-made fountain structure - the effects of its waters are the same.

Immersion in the Healing Spring will gradually restore all Health and Stamina - and also grant the Status Effect Impervious that cures and prevents all Debilitations for a short time. Enemies on the other hand don't benefit from the curative properties of the spring.

Some of its water can be bottled using Empty Flasks to create Spring Water, which restores health to the party when consumed, but not the other effects of being in proximity to a Healing Spring.


Healing spring

Map of Gransys with the location of healing Springs highlighted

There are 3 Healing Springs in Dragon's Dogma.

Dark Arisen

Healing Fountain ~ Warriors' Respite

In Dark Arisen, a Healing Spring is available at The Warriors' Respite, a safe area within Bitterblack Isle. Instead of an entire spring, its healing water is inside a fountain structure.


  • Its water does not inflict the Drenched debilitation and thus Lanterns will not go out even if totally immersed.
  • From the Healing Spring above the Blighted Manse 'Rear Entrance', one can safely drop down to fight the Chimera below. Just to the left of the 'Rear Entrance' (if facing it) is a rock formation which the Arisen can safely slide down to without suffering damage.
  • Standing in the Healing Spring, Pawns will automatically fill Empty Flasks to create Spring Water. They will stop filling flasks once their personal inventory reaches 10 flasks of Spring Water. They will continue when the filled bottles are taken from their inventory.
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