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Haslett is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A monk at the Gran Soren Cathedral. His take on the dragon's appearance is unique, to say the least."

Haslett is one of the monks at Gran Soren Cathedral - he is oft seen sweeping its grounds. In response to the Dragon's attack Haslett seems to take a somewhat world weary view; later, after its defeat he reveals he was involved with Salvation.



  • "There is a saying among the faith's historians that the dragon roars thrice. While this is the third time this land has seen the beast, the words hold another meaning..."
  • "The Dragon first appears, then hides itself away for a time, gathering strength. Then it comes once more to herald the nearing doom. When it appears a final time, it brings fire and perdition."
  • "No man can say why the beast behaves so, or if some design guides it's forbearance. I suppose it is a mercy it affords us any respite at all."
  • "What ought mankind do to combat the dragon? It falls upon the Faith to guide all its children in resistance, and not merely the Arisen."
  • "Through diligent research, the Faith has become able to predict the beast's coming. Sadly, though, that foreknowledge is yet incomplete. Records show, for example, that the dragon came to this land some one hundred fifty years ago. It was then that the western lands were put to ruin."
  • "Then, again, fifty years before today the dragon came, and was slain by Duke Edmun. As far back as the Faith's records tell, this is the third time Gransys has seen the beast."
  • "The annals tell of such cases, where the beast besets the same land, time and again. Yet there are seasons and lands rarely struck. It is a mystery that foils true prognostication."
  • "The very earth beneath us falls away to nothing... In truth, the apocalypse the Elysion foretold is upon us. ...Does my involvement with Salvation surprise you so? What does it matter, now? What does any of it matter? This land is fated to fall into darkness and ruin."