Harbinger of Destruction is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Without warning, a dragon sets upon the peaceful fishing village of Cassardis. Someone must face the wyrm to spare the villagers."

Harbinger of Destruction is the first quest after the prologue, beginning once Character Customization has been completed after completion of The End at the Beginning.

A giant red dragon attacks the coastal village of Cassardis, your home. Take up arms against the dragon and attempt to defend your homeland.


Dragon's Dogma Harbinger Of Destruction

Dragon's Dogma Harbinger Of Destruction

The player can quickly skip the introductory fight with the Dragon by either stepping directly into the Dragon's flame breath or running up the stairs.

The quest simply requires attempting some combat moves against the great red Dragon.

Challenge the Dragon

The fight will end if the Arisen suffers too much damage, if the Arisen manages to survive a certain amount of time or if the Arisen runs away.

Quest Successful

Once the cutscene has been played, the screen will fade to black and the quest will be complete.

The next quest Newly Arisen begins immediately.


Today, like every day, waves gently lap at the shore
near your tiny village.

The twin blessings of warm sun and bounteous waters afford
a simple but pleasant life. Nets are cast and chores completed
friends and families gather to laugh and talk around the fire.

So it has always been, and so it will always be...of this,
you are certain.

Until the afternoon grows late, and you hear the rush of wingbeats...

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