Gutter of Misery is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Initially accessed from the Vault of Defiled Truth, the Gutter of Misery connects to the Shrine of Futile Truths wherein is the lair of a Gazer.

The Gutter of Misery comprises a stairwell area, the entrance to The Warriors' Respite, and a second area that resembles a winding sewer. At the end of the winding sewer is a door leading to the Shrine of Futile Truths.


Foes found here include Maneaters and Leapworms. A random encounter with an Elder Ogre or Death may happen here.

Pre-Daimon foes include Vile Eyes, a large bask of Saurian species - either Saurians and Giant Saurians, or Sulfur Saurians and Giant Sulfur Saurians.

Post-Daimon creatures include Eliminators, Goblin Shamans, Greater Goblin, Corrupted Pawns and either Giant Undead and Poisoned Undead or a large bask of Sulfur Saurians and Giant Sulfur Saurians.


Ore deposits here contain Copper Ore, Hunk of Platinum, or Moonstone. The Pyrepipe mushroom is found here.

Gratings around here, both ground and in the outlets, have gather spots that may yield: Giant Rank Fish, Large Rank Fish, Rift Cluster or, rarely, Rift Bicrystal.

Also loose small amounts of Rift Crystals: by the grate west from chest 11 and at the sill near chest 1.

The broken grate behind chest 12 leads to a hazardous area of roots and heights that holds a Macabre Sculpture inside a pipe exit at its end. 

For chest locations and loot see the map and table below
Map Gutter of Misery


Chest Item Maneater chance
1 Liftstone, Auspicious Incense, Jewel of Antilight, Panacea no
2 Wroth Mask, Panacea, Winter's Path Tome, Shattered Earth Tome, Rift Crystal
3 Black Leather Gloves, Bitterblack Gear Lv.1, Extrinsic Waistguard, Rift Cluster, Rift Bicrystal, Twilight Greaves
4 Pre-Daimon : Steel Beak, Golden Ring, Purple Longkilt, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Wakestone Shard, Laurel Circlet, Twilight Manicae, Surging Light Tome, Rancid Bait Meat

Post-Daimon : Dragon's Pain , Carnation, Rift Bicrystal, Wakestone

5 Bitterblack Gear Lv.2, Bitterblack Gear Lv.1, Rift Bicrystal

Post-Daimon : Bitterblack Gear Lv.3 , Rift Polycrystal

6 Steel Beak, Purple Longkilt, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Snakeskin Purse, Laurel Circlet, Twilight Manicae

Pre-Daimon: Surging Light Tome, Wakestone Shard, Golden Ring

Post-Daimon : Carnation, Dragon's Pain , Rift Bicrystal, Rift Polycrystal, Rancid Bait Meat

7 Font of Constitution, , Snakeskin Purse, Rancid Bait Meat, Wakestone, Blue Kite Shield

Pre-Daimon : Alchemick Vest , Twilight Mask, Jewel of Vicissitude, Gleaming Bangles

Post-Daimon : Rift Polycrystal, Silverwheat Paste

8 Ancient Cape, Rift Cluster

Pre-Daimon : Pilgrim's Charm , Bitterblack Armor Lv.1, Nimble Earring

Post-Daimon : Bitterblack Gear Lv.2, Fiendish Extract, Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2

9 Blue Kite Shield, Jewel of Vicissitude, Snakeskin Purse, Font of Constitution

Pre-Daimon : Gleaming Bangles, Twilight Mask, Alchemick Vest,

Post-Daimon : Rift Polycrystal, Silverwheat Paste,

10 Cast Stone, Liftstone, Solar Numen

Post-Daimon : Frigid Finger , Dragons Risen , Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2

11 Bitterblack Gear Lv.1, Black Leather Gloves, Rift Cluster, Rift Bicrystal, Extrinsic Waistguard, Twilight Greaves no
12 Pre-Daimon : Surging Light Tome, Dark Over-Knee Boots, Wakestone Shard, Golden Ring, Purple Longkilt, Steel Beak, Twilight Manicae, Laurel Circlet

Post-Daimon : Carnation, Rancid Bait Meat, Dragon's Pain, Wakestone

13 Panacea, Rift Crystal, Winter's Path Tome, Wroth Mask, Shattered Earth Tome
Except where noted, items can be expected to be obtained at any time.

Pawn Chatter

"A sewer used in times long past, perhaps."
"The water's fairly deep. Mind your lantern stays dry."


  • A significant portion of the Gutter of Misery is water deep enough to inflict the drenched condition on party members.
  • This is the second location where Elder Ogre or Death encounters happen.
    • Death will appear with regularity here - if its teleport can be lured to just over the fall of the filthy water into the abyss (opposite the entrance to the Shrine of Futile Truths) then it can be slain by a fall using attacks that Knockdown. (This can be a very effective Experience Points exploit)
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