Guardian's Grave is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Located in the Witchwood, the Guardian's Grave is the resting place of Sofiah, an Arisen who had Selene as her own pawn.

Both characters are encountered during the quest Witch Hunt. Later in the game, an Ancient Tablet can be found which is used in the quest The Dragon's Tongue.  

To find the grave, there is a wooden door that leads from the clearing at the Witch's House to a tunnel underneath that leads to the inner woods - the path is initially blocked by a sleeping Golem until the quest Witch Hunt. Follow the path through the woods to reach the grave.

Three King Bay Leaves and three chests can be found near the grave.

Characters and Quests


Pawn Chatter

"A grave...?"
"Arisen and pawns share a rare bond..."
"The woman who rests here was once an Arisen, like you."

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