For the sidequest of the same name, see Grim Tidings.

Grim Tidings (Notice Board Quest) is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Grimgoblins have been sighted not far from Cassardis. Mistake them not for their weaker breathren, for they are stronger and more deadly by far. If suffered to roam free, they'll make the roads unfit to walk even in broad daylight. Rid your homeland of these fiends."

Slay seven Grimgoblins.


This quest becomes available on the Pawn Guild notice board after the quest The Final Battle.

Grim Tidings (quest walkthrough)

Grim Tidings (quest walkthrough)

By a remarkable coincidence, exactly 7 Grimgoblins lurk just outside Cassardis.

Grimgoblins can be found on the path from Cassardis to Gran Soren during Post-Game, as well as in the Chamber of Remorse and Chamber of Sorrow, and Pre-Daimon in The Black Abbey and Rotunda of Dread on Bitterblack Isle.

Defeat seven either alone of with pawns to complete the quest.