For the notice board quest of the same name, see Grim Tidings (Notice Board Quest).

Grim Tidings is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Cortese, Merin's brother, is dead, and Elvar lacks the mettle to tell Merin. He begs of you to serve as the bearer of bad news."

Bring Merin the bad news about his brother Cortese, and save Elvar the pain of doing so.



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Grim Tidings ~ Video Walkthrough

Speak with Elvar in Cassardis to start the quest.

  • He can generally be found in his house which is located directly opposite to Iola's House - it's the last one on the right on the road leading from Pablos' Inn to the chapel. At times Elvar can also be found in the Village Chapel.

He feels guilty about the death of Merin's brother Cortese and lacks the mettle to tell Merin. He asks the Arisen to deliver the bad news in his stead.

Deliver the News to Merin

Merin can either be found crouching by the northwestern corner of the ruined house where Benita treats victims of the Dragon's attack, east of Pablos' Inn; or in his two-story Fisherman's House just north of the Arisen's House; on the beach area by day, or inside Inez's Alehouse at the evening.

Report Back to Elvar

Once the Arisen has spoken with Merin, return to Elvar.

Quest successful

Upon speaking to Elvar, the quest is concluded and the reward is received.


  • This quest can be easily missed when starting the game.
  • The quest cannot be completed once the quest A Rude Awakening has been started.
  • Pawns can also gain Quest Knowledge from doing this quest. Finish Call of the Arisen to summon the Main Pawn before completing this quest.
  • After completing this quest, Pawns may comment about paying Cortese's grave a visit to honour him. His grave is likely the one with flowers and herbs placed by it - near one corner of the Village Chapel.
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