This is the thirteenth page in the Monument of Remembrance. It is about Grette.

Grette's Account

"To know the unknown—that was my dream. To walk new frontiers and ancient halls alike, and to see all that this world holds. I was prepared to overcome any obstacle that barred my wandering.

And so, when the dragon plucked the heart from my breast, I knew only joy. With new power and ageless life, I was free.
I knew no greater treasure than freedom.
No higher virtue, And yet…
What drove me, then, to take him with me?
What ought have seemed a fetter became my greatest joy. My greatest love.
And now… I haven’t even the freedom of my own will. I followed the Arisen’s path, past the wyrm and to the halls of the world-steward… And there, my path ended.
In defeat, I was remade a dragon.

From the moment I donned a dragon’s skin, I was controlled by a single, driving, urge—
To serve the Seneschal.
This one thought consumed me, its pull inexorable. It was a hunger.
An instinctual need.
I burned for one who would defeat me.
Who would succeed where I had fallen.
I craved a new Arisen.

It is man’s will that animates him.
Can a being devoid of will truly be said to live? Am I alive, as I am now?
The will that drives this cursed form to seek the Arisen is not my own.
My will, my love, and all I am is crushed beneath its weight. Its force does not allow me even the luxury of regret.
I am near drunk with it, though I war against it still with every shred of what I was, In my final act as a thinking being, I chose him for my destroyer.

The question fell from my lips unbidden—
What was your choice?
Were it his wish, I would welcome death at his hands. Nay, I desired it.
But his wavering gave voice to a new wish. That the world, its gods, and he himself be damned. My role was set. My actions bound.
I existed in that moment solely to give his wishes form. And so I did.
I answered his desire, his cry of despair…
And his love, my former shadow, was the price.

My dreams have died, unfulfilled.
Though I have neither the means to change that fact nor the free will to mourn them, perhaps… Perhaps what has transpired will serve some greater use. Let it be as a wedge struck into the chains that bind our endless, hollow, world, that those to follow may shatter them.
I failed in my quest to explore the unknown.
But if it serve some use in ending this cruel cycle, I can believe my life held meaning.
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