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Grand Surcoat Set is armor available in Dragon's Dogma.


A melee vocation armor set in good quality materials, best suited to Mystic Knights.

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Armor Pieces
Alternative pieces

The Grand Surcoat Set is an armor set wearable by Warriors, Fighters, and Mystic Knights; the set is better than, and continues the theme set by the Plain Surcoat Set -that is an armor with defense comparable to a heavy armor, with much better magic defence, at around half the weight, with a corresponding reduction to stagger and knockdown - unlike the plain set, the grand set is in materials of obvious quality, unfaded, with heraldry and coloration proclaiming a person of note. The set can be said to be that of a knight, rather than a would-be knight; of one that fights for honor or against evil at that, rather than a hired hand.

As with the plain surcoat set, the good magick resistances, fair physical defense, and low stagger resistances suggest the use of a large shield, and the Mystic Knight vocation specifically. A mace such as the Bloodthirsty Beak or better, with a Fine Magick Buckler, Blue Kite Shield, or Knight's Honor are all good matches.

The set as a whole as much the same resistances as the Plain Surcoat Set, that is, mild resistance to fire, ice, torpor, skill stifling and lowered defensice attributes; and adds some resistance to petrification, curse, possession and holy magic.

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Alternative dark leg and arm armor, without the Knight's mantle

Alternative leg and arm armor are the Dark Over-Knee Boots and Darkened Gloves - these are to the same design, with improved defense, and higher value, both with dark resistances.

Suitable undergarments included the gambeson, or with the dark armor pieces the Brigandine Jerkin - any tough trousers are suitable, such as the Laborer's Breeches or Denim Hosen, or better.


  • The crest on the surcoat incudes the seal of the city of Gran Soren in two of the four quadrants - a golden griffin.
  • The Mystic Knight image in the change vocation menu uses much of this set.
  • The Royal Surcoat Set is an even finer armor than this.

In the Dragon's Dogma Official Design Works a set of this type is referred to as the "Fighter Coat Type" shown with gloves the same color as the boots and no helmet.