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Golden knight

Golden Knights and Silver Knights are Enemies in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Knights of old, perhaps sent on a long forgotten mission or driven to perform a great deed; these knights are unstoppable until their task is complete.

This fearsome duo works flawlessly together and creates a synergy of brutal physical prowess with devastating magickal spells, with the ability to revive the fallen other. Focusing only on one during battle may certainly mean death from the other. The Silver Knight is a Mystic Knight, and the Golden Knight a Fighter.


  • Reward drops will not appear until every knight in the group is defeated.
  • When killed, they produce bones and dust, not fleshy remains.
  • The Golden Knight will typically drop multiple bags of gold, the Silver Knight will drop multiple Rift Crystals.
  • Post-Daimon players may encounter parties consisting of only Silver Knights as well as lone Silver Knights.
  • It is thought their stats reflect those of the Fighter or Mystic Knight vocation.
  • The resurrection attempt is signaled by a lengthy incantation, black sigil and a distincitve sound (the same as when Dark Anodyne was casted) and may be easily interrupted with various means, including Spiderbite, Dazzle Blast and Fearful Din.


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