Golden Egg is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An egg of gleaming gold, well stocked of nutrients." 

Restores 1,500 Health and 1,500 Stamina.

Golden Eggs are occasionally found in Bird Nests and in some chest. One can also be obtained by letting an Egg mature in the inventory for two or more days.

Also may drop when a Seabird, Snake, or Crow is killed, or when the a Ur-Dragon stomach heart is destroyed. Can be stolen from Snakes using Master Thief.

Locations with chests that may give a Golden Egg include the Proving Grounds, The Watergod's Altar, Chamber of Hesitation or the Chamber of Fate.


3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Golden Egg + Airtight Flask = Kept Golden Egg


  • Can be preserved with an Airtight Flask.
  • A Golden Egg will quickly rot within one (in-game) day, spoiling into a Rotten Egg.
  • Can be obtained in the quest Escort Duty, as a reward.


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