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Godking Leonart is a historic, and possibly mythical figure in the world of Dragon's Dogma.


Godking Leonart is one of three persons recorded in history to have defeated a Dragon, the other two being Edmun Dragonsbane and the Arisen, the hero and main protagonist of the story of Dragon's Dogma.

Leonart is said to have defeated the Dragon, and united the continent in the process. He is considered a military genius.[1]

The House of Biquard, among them Edmun Dragonsbane's young wife Aelinore, the rulers of Meloire, are descended from him.


  • As events unfold, is becomes clear that the historical record is not entirely correct: Duke Edmun did not in fact defeat the Dragon he faced; and the Arisen Savan is not recorded at all. With respect to Leonart, it is not known if Leonart really existed, or if he truly defeated a Dragon.


  • If an analogy with Duke Edmun is valid, it seems likely that Leonart took the Dragon's bargain for worldly power. Furthermore, just as Gran Soren was destroyed on the death of Grigori, it may be that Leonart's kingdom suffered a similar fate if his Dragon was vanquished. As Leonart was a unifying king, it could be that his capital was at The Tainted Mountain, roughly in the center of the Isle that includes Gransys. The Dragon Grigori references the destruction of a citadel located there during the quest The Final Battle.[2]

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