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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Godking Leonart is a historic figure in the world of Dragon's Dogma.


Godking Leonart is one of three persons recorded in history to have defeated a Dragon, the other two being Edmun Dragonsbane, and the Arisen - the hero and main protagonist of the story of Dragon's Dogma.

Leonart is said to have defeated the Dragon, and united the continent in the process. He is considered a military genius.[1]

The House of Biquard, among them Edmun Dragonsbane's young wife Aelinore, the rulers of Meloire, are descended from him.


  • Much more information on Leonart is given in the 'prequel' novel Dragon's Dogma : The Beginning - in it it becomes clear that Godking Leonart accepted the Dragon's bargain, possibly more than once. He is described as having defeated the Dragon fifty years before Savan's time.

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