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Gift Ledger is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A list of presents from a rich benefactor. Some of the notes imply the gifts were purchased to launder ill-gotten coin."

The Gift Ledger is a document found in Fournival Manor - it is found on the upper floor dining room in a corner near the fireplace under the cupboard.

The ledger places Fournival or some other person under some suspicion as regards criminal or corrupt business activity, and as such can be presented as evidence during the quest Trial and Tribulations. Its implicating nature is also borne out by the quest Trail of Corruption.


Gift Ledger

The Gift Ledger in Fournival Manor


  • The item is called Gift Ledger, but is referred to as Tribute Ledger in the quest Trail of Corruption.
  • A forgery of this item is indistinguishable from its original, and can be used to complete either quest.