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In Dragon's Dogma the gender of the Arisen and Pawns affects outcomes in a number of ways.


For all Arisen and Pawns their gender must be set during character creation in the Character Editor.

Broadly there are no great advantages or disadvantages to choosing either gender. However there are a number of effects from the choice of gender :

Character Weight 29-177 24-159
Character Height ~140 to over 210 under 140 to over 200
Running Males around 10% faster, but stamina consumption the same, for similar builds
Creatures Targeted by Elder Ogres Targeted by Ogres
Humans Causes hostility from Ophis -
Armor and Clothing See Category:Male Armor

Can wear Set of Lady's Garb, Captain's Armor Set, or the Set of Servant's Garb as a female disguise

See Category:Female Armor


  • The trophy/achievement A Queen's Regalia is obtained by dressing a male character in female clothes
  • Gender appears to have no bearing on the choice of the Beloved, or on any other quest outcomes.
  • The Arisen's gender is almost never mentioned in dialogues. Exceptions are :
  • The appearance of some armor changes depending on gender - notably Hard Leather Plate and similar designs have a full front plate for males, while they only cover the breasts for females.
  • Undead villagers include male and females and may have (very minor) differences in loot.