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Geffrey is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A priest full of faith at the cathedral in Gran Soren. He aggressively researches the Wyrm."

Geffrey is a priest in charge of Gran Soren Cathedral - he rarely leaves the confines of the church, if ever. He wears a Set of Priest Vestments.



  • "'Tis the role of the Faith to serve as an anchor for men's hearts in times of trouble. To do so, we must be calm in the face of trials, swift and efficient in our actions. That is why, above all else, we must have knowledge. To allow custom or emotion to bar us from the chance to acquire new learning would be a grave sin. And so, in the unyielding pursuit of wisdom, we must accept there will be casualities..."
  • "You travel the lands as an Arisen, do you not? His Grace, Duke Edmun Dragonsbane, once did the same. His Grace avers it was the Maker's hand guided him to slay the dragon in his youth. Even now, not a day passes without him visiting to offer prayers of thanks. You would do well to follow His Grace's example, young Arisen. May the light of the Maker shine upon you."
  • "In all the Faith's records, I've read no account of the earth yawning to swallow up a city. There are those who say you joined a pact with the dragon, Arisen. That you cursed this land... I do not wish it true, my child. For the child of man to possess such power... Even for the Arisen, it must not be so! I beg of you, Arisen... Say now that you have not turned back upon the Maker!"