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Gathering in Dragon's Dogma is the act of collecting raw materials or items from objects found in the environment.

The places from which objects can be collected are oft known as Gather Spots.


A gatherable object is indicated by a slight glow or shimmer on the object - approach such an object and gather to collect items.

There are no special tools required to gather, unlike mining from Ore deposits; gathering from fish pools (fishing) is a special case of gathering, but is done in much the same way.

There are several items that can be gathered from including fallen logs, bags and sacks, and odd corners here and there. In general several objects can be gathered from a single object, and pawns will also gather if unoccupied. Once an object has been gathered from it will be a few days before items can be got from it again.

Types of gather spot[]

Temporal effects[]

Several gather spots including book piles and weapon piles seem to have a higher chance of giving interesting or rare items when the location they are found in is first visited as part of the Arisen's main questline.(verify) These include :

Additionally the Enemy Strategy Scrolls from book piles founf inside Hillfigure Knoll depends on progress of the main quest.

The time of day also effects a few gather spots :


  • Rook refers to these as "harvest points"
    • "You'll find ore, plants, and other materials at harvest points."
  • Low value, decayed, or mundane items are commonly found, but occasionally rare things turn up - a Cyclops Sigil (value over 200,000 Gold) has been unearthed in one of the chambers of The post-Dragon Everfall from an uninspiring patch.
  • The Dark Arisen augment Acquisition increases the speed of gathering.
  • Pawn Inclination effects :
    • Pioneer in either 1º or 2º cause the pawn to stand more distant from the Arisen at rest, and as a side effect increases general gathering as they oft find them nearer to loot than other pawns.
    • Acquisitor seems to increase gathering and all other forms of loot collection in both 1º and 2º positions.
    • The specific inclination 1º Pioneer and 2º Acquisitor seems uniquely suited to a gathering pawn - this combination causes a pawn to wander off to far greater distances and such a pawn will sometimes gather everything in reach if left.
  • Some gather spots give very specific items - for example one Fish pool above the Nameless Falls may give a Snakeskin Purse, and one under a table in the Visitor's Chamber (Julien's room) in the Duke's Demesne always gives a Set of Salvation Robes.