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Garvin is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"A blacksmith who works in the Craftsman's Quarter of Gran Soren. He rarely gets up in the drama around him and instead focuses on his work."

Garvin can be found working on the forge in the Craftsman’s Quarter, along with Austine and Wilhem.



  • "Blades to temper, mail to mend...Times of war mean ample business for a smithy."
  • "The present struggle's a mite different than most, mind. Still, even dragons die!"
  • "A smith worth his salt can read a man's skill from the state of his weapon. Yours... yours speaks well enough of you."

During Pride Before a Fall:

  • "What news from the castle? Any word of those allied forces' arrival? As I hear it told, the only capable sword come from afar is Ser Julien. A man of his talents may well be given command of the hold to the north.
  • "Then there's that woman knight. Mercedes, was it? I've heard men speak of her beauty. Less so her hand with a blade..."