Gale Harness is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Wind Harness that hastens the user's movement for a longer period of time."

An advanced version of Wind Harness, with twice the duration.

In Dark Arisen, it becomes Tempest Harness with a suitable Assassin's Ring or Assassin's Band equipped.


Skill Duration
Wind Harness 20 sec
Gale Harness 40 sec
Tempest Harness 60 sec

These skills cause the speed of almost all actions to be increased by 20%

  • Hastens walking and jogging, and running speed.
  • Hastens attack and skill speed, allowing for an increase of total damage per second.
  • Hastens climbing speed.
  • Hastens falling speed, though no extra damage is taken.
  • Hastens the charge time of bow skills such as Mighty Bend.
  • Hastens the charge time of Staredown / Showdown.
  • Improves Stamina recovery rate.

Gale Harness cancels instantly if the primary weapon is changed from daggers to sword. Re-activating the skill also cancels it prematurely.

A combination of Gale Harness and Running at very light Encumbrance is fast, but just using the Strider skill Mad Dash is slightly faster (or very similar), and does not depend on encumbrance.


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